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GeekThink Copper Mesh Strap Watch

“Nordic Minimalism” comes to mind when you see this mesh strap watch.

It has a 6.7mm ultra thin bezel that is abrasion proof and scratch-resistant. This unisex mesh strap watch is the perfect gift for that significant other! If you’re looking for an affordable Milanese bracelet or Milanese-strap watch then look no further, this is the ideal watch as a daily driver! We did a detailed review of this watch the other day and you can read more below. We here at Kuaks try to look for new and interesting scandi fashion trends and it appears these watches are all the rage! Comes with free shipping!


The mesh strap on these watches can also be referred to as a “Milanese bracelet”. These watches usually come in all price ranges and are very sought after. Today at Kuaks we looked at the geekthink copper mesh strap watch. This watch has a Seiko VJ20 movement, we notice that it’s not too loud and has been keeping accurate time for around 2 months now. The Milanese bracelet comes in three different distinct colors; IPS stainless steel, IPB black carbon mesh, and the color we have featured, Rose gold. The thickness according to our digital caliper is 6.7 mm, making this one of the thinnest watch’s we have reviewed so far. The box it came in via postage was very nice and after we were done with our review I had to attend a friend’s birthday party so this became his present. The overall quality is up to our standards; however, we weren’t really able to stress test it as it was given away as a present. I do see my buddy from time to time and he see seems to enjoy using it as an everyday watch.

If you’re looking for a cheap daily driver of a watch then look no further. This mesh strap watch is priced accordingly and the Milanese bracelet is pretty robust, making this the perfect watch for the hustle and bustle of everyday life!